Prue Gillett - Accent Reduction

A professional actress, an Associate of the London College of Music for Speech and Drama, an experienced Voice coach, and a former teacher of English as a Foreign Language, Prue is ideally qualified to teach Accent Reduction/Softening to students from a wide range of backgrounds, countries and/or regions, whose native tongue may or may not be English. She works from a home base in North Staffordshire, her catchment area embracing much of South Manchester.

Accent Reduction / Received Pronunciation / Elocution

For professional purposes (all speakers):

  1. Are you in a profession such as Acting, Broadcasting, Business, Law, Management, etc that requires you to master Received Pronunciation?
  2. Has your employer asked you to soften your regional accent as clients/customers and fellow-employees sometimes have difficulty understanding you?
  3. Do you think your accent stops you from being taken seriously at work or from developing your career?
  4. Have you been told that your diction is poor or that you need to take Elocution lessons?

For those whose native language is not English. When speaking it:

  1. Do people often ask you to repeat yourself, even though you have mastered the language from a grammatical and lexical perspective?
  2. Do you get the impression that people struggle to understand you or have to concentrate very hard when they are listening to you? Is there a glazed or overly focused look in their eyes as you talk to them?
  3. Do the people listening to you seem more concerned with your country or region of origin than with what you are telling them?
  4. Are people more interested in how you speak than in what you say?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, maybe a course in Accent Reduction / Received Pronunciation is just what you need.

The cost for a one-to-one coaching session ranges from £35 per hour to £60 for two hours.


“Just the person I needed…” – CK, Lymm

“Prue has helped me embark on a new voice path that has opened up a side to me which is different yet fascinating. After finishing a series of lessons, that I have been plunging into with a passion, I have been left with the feeling of missing a good friend.” – KH, Padfield

“Great lesson, I wanted assistance on how to improve my public speaking, and Prue was able to give me many excellent practical tips and exercises. I would highly recommend her.” – RS, Wilmslow

“I initially approached Prue to help me with public speaking, but under her guidance and encouragement I’ve been able to develop my confidence and presence more generally. Prue’s been a great help – I would recommend her to anybody!” – RT, Manchester

“Prue teaches you to be mindful and to keep a positive voice . . . . Even when I have felt a little uncertain, Prue has encouraged me to keep pushing forward and to act as if I were confident. Reinventing yourself and believing in your continuous improvement are gifts from Prue, and I owe her a debt of gratitude.” – KH, Padfield

“Thank you very much for all your support and help over the past two years. You have been a truly wonderful tutor and I really appreciate everything you have done.” – JG, Castletown

“His lessons with you certainly helped him – he was able to focus and has become more confident in his ability, whereas before he was floundering and panicking, so thank you very much.” – TB, Knutsford

“Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement you have given me over the last four years. I have thoroughly enjoyed your teaching, and could not have got through my exams without you.” – JG, Castletown

Relevant Training and Qualifications

Educated at the Universities of Cambridge (PGCE), Durham (PhD in French Theatre) and Essex (East 15 Acting School) and at the International Language Centre, Paris (Cambridge Certificate in TEFL) Prue is an Associate of the London College of Music for Speech and Drama.

Teaching Experience and Ethos

Organized, enthusiastic and motivating, Prue enjoys the proven ability to communicate material successfully to individuals and groups of all ages, and has accordingly gained the respect, appreciation and love of hundreds of students (young and old) in her 25+ years’ experience as a teacher, lecturer and private coach.

Key words for her as a trainer are clarity, simplicity, patience, variety, appropriately graded steps, achievable but real challenges, empowerment and fun – all with a view to ensuring her students make the progress and enjoy the learning satisfaction they deserve.

For further details and to check Prue’s availability, please email her at: